GeoTek SJ – Concrete slab lifting/slab jacking polymer resin

GeoTek SJ is based on a polymeric MDI (Part A ISO) and a polyol component (Part B Polyo). When mixed, a super-fast reacting polyurethane foam is formed which is tough, rigid and resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Controlled expansion and high early strength allows this material to be use effectively for raising sunken slabs and pavements.

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Key Benefits
  • Fast reaction
  • Controlled expansion
  • High foam strength
  • Low viscosity
  • Precision adjustment capability
  • Traffic ready within minutes
  • Displaces water
  • Solvent-free, environmentally safe (Phthalates free)
Typical Applications
  • Jacking / lifting concrete slabs
  • Filling voids
  • Foundation stabilisation
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