TamCem 15 – Superplasticiser for microfine cement injection

TamCem 15 is a non-chloride superplasticiser for micro-fine cementitious grout injection. It contains sulphonated polymers and is specially formulated to give high water reduction, enhanced dispersion and greater penetration of such injection grouts. TamCem 15 is also suitable to be used as a mid-range superplasticiser for other concrete and grouting applications.

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Key Benefits
  • Chloride-free
  • Improves penetration of microfine cement, such as TamCrete MFC and TamCrete UFC.
  • Improves mix workability
  • Allows for reduced w/c
  • Good cohesion, no segregation and reduced bleed water
Typical Applications
  • Micro-fine cement grout injection
  • Concrete and grouting mixes where greater strength and workability is required
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