TamCem 77TG – Admixture for pumped concrete and grout

TamCem 77TG is a special "consistence modifier" for concrete and grouts with no water reducing effect, air entrainment or retardation properties. It is a non-chloride liquid admixture designed to increase pumping efficiency, reduce segregation, and enhances the viscosity and stability of high slump mixes.

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Key Benefits
  • High pumpability provides easy placement or grouting
  • controls cohesion, segregation and bleed water whilst maintainig high levels workability
  • High elastic modulus, low shrinkage and creep are achievable with quality controlled coarse and fine aggregates
  • Superior finishes with reduced honeycombing
Typical Applications
  • High performance concrete
  • Pump mixes with low cementitious cement content
  • Backfill grout
  • Wet sprayed concrete
  • Enhances the performance of self-consolidating concrete (SCC) and concretes containing sub-quality aggregates.
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