TamCrete Bond & Seal – Acrylic bonding agent

TamCrete Bond & Seal is a formulated acrylic admixture used both as a primer for wet-to-dry cementitious systems and as an emulsion in mixtures.

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Key Benefits
  • High bond strength - provides excellent adhesion when used as a bonding agent or as an admixture in cement based mixes.
  • Resilient - when used as an admixture, an acrylic lattice is formed throughout the mix, greatly reducing brittleness and enhancing resistance to impact damage.
  • Enhanced chemical resistance - the cementitious resin lattice within the render matrix greatly reduces ingress of chloride ions and other deleterious materials.
  • Water resistance - combines low permeability with resin stability in continuously wet conditions when used in cement based mixes.
  • Versatile - easy to use with positive bond to a wide range of materials such as brick, stone, concrete, timber and most metals.
  • Product stability - specially formulated for maximum performance under alkaline conditions of cement mixes. Unlike P.V.A systems, the bond film will not hydrolyse under wet conditions.
  • Delayed bonding - when used as a bonding agent, subsequent toppings may be applied immediately or up to 7 days later.
  • Eliminates the need for water curing.
Typical Applications
  • Repairs mortar in sewage and water treatment plants
  • Repairs to spalled and damaged concrete
  • As a structural bonding agent:
    • New to old concrete
    • Renders to brick or concrete walls
    • Sealing walls, bathrooms and kitchen ceilings before painting
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