TamCrete GP – Non shrink, chloride-free, high strength grouth

TamCrete GP is a non-shrink, class A cement based, high strength grout which is specially formulated for use in critical grouting operations where positive expansion and non-staining characteristics are required.

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Key Benefits
  • Positive expansion to ensure effective contact and support
  • Good flow characteristics to allow ease of application
  • Rapid strength development to ensure minimal downtime
  • Reliable factory controlled quality formulations eliminating site batching errors
  • High ultimate strength and low permeability giving long-term durability
  • Iron-free, eliminating staining or deterioration due to rust expansion
  • Chloride-free, allowing use in contact with reinforced steel
Typical Applications
  • Heavy duty support beneath load bearing units such as stanchion bases, machine base plates and crane rails
  • Concrete repair (when dry packed)
  • Pressure grouting
  • Anchoring grout for anchor bolts and masts
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