TamCrete HF – high strength, high flow, non shrink grout

TamCrete HF is a non-shrink, cement based, which is specially formulated for use in critical grouting operations where positive expansion and non-staining characteristics are required. A high strength free flowing cementitious grout based on non-reactive aggregate, low alkaline shrinkage compensated Portland Cements with selected admixtures which produce a chloride-free grout. TamCrete HF contains a maximum size aggregate of 2 mm and is suitable for grouting thickness of between 5 mm and 75 mm.

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Key Benefits
  • Exhibits controlled expansion and is non-shrink
  • Excellent early compressive and flexural strengths
  • Resistant to vibration and impact
  • Material can be poured, pumped, vibrated or rodded.
  • Excellent bond strength to both steel and concrete
  • Requires only the addition of clean water
  • Resistant to oil and water
  • Excellent flowability and placement characteristics
Typical Applications
  • Production of bridge bearing plinths
  • Crane rail bedding and alignment
  • Grouting of starter bars, holding down bolts etc.
  • Bedding of pre-cast concrete beams
  • Repairs to spalled and cracked concrete
  • Grouting of machinery and turbines etc.
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