TamRez 310 – Pre-injection surface sealing epoxy gel

TamRez 310 is a high modulus, high strength epoxy gel designed for the surface sealing of cracks prior to injection, for surface spall repairs and bonding new concrete to old. It is moisture insensitive and will cure in a damp environment.

Clean, dry, silica sand may be added to develop a non-sag gel mortar, capable of overhead and vertical patching in layers up to 50 mm thick.

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Key Benefits
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Non-shrink
  • Simple mix ratio ensures uniform mixing
  • Potable water certified
Typical Applications
  • Surface sealing prior to injection
  • Patching spalls, honeycombing and pop-outs
  • Setting vertical and horizontal anchor bars
  • Bonding similar and different materials to concrete
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