TamSeal 5 – Acrylic polymer modified cementitious waterproofing


TamSeal 5 is an economical two component acrylic polymer modified cementitious flexible waterproof coating system. It is composed of specially selected fillers supplied in powder form together with a liquid component of blended latex copolymers and wetting agents.

TamSeal 5 offers an effective barrier against waterborne salts and atmospheric gases. TamSeal 5 has outstanding wear and weather resistance.

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Key Benefits
  • Flexible
  • Easy two coat application
  • Excellent adhesion. Bonds to both porous and non-porous concrete.
  • No primers required
  • Rapid setting
  • Up to 7 bar positive water pressure
  • Environmentally friendly water based product. No solvents and no VOC's
Typical Applications
  • Surface waterproofing
  • Lift shafts
  • Basement tanking
  • Anti-carbonation coating
  • Bund walls
  • Pile caps
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