TamSeal SM – Hydro reactive expansion sealant for concrete joints


TamSeal SM is a one component hydro reactive expansion sealant for waterproofing joints in concrete. It is applied using a skeleton gun.

TamSeal SM expands up to 100% when in contact with fresh water to create a durable waterstop with long-lasting adhesive and hydro-swelling properties. When in contact with sea water, TamSeal SM expands between 50 - 70%.

TamSeal SM has excellent adhesive properties on different surfaces such as concrete, steel, glass, PVC, HDPE etc.  The surface can be rough, smooth, damp or dry.

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Key Benefits
  • Single component, direct application
  • A problem solving hydrophilic in difficult access areas
  • Fast curing, enables early concrete pour and rapid return to service
  • Excellent seal on rough concrete and plugs up irregular surfaces
  • Durable – excellent wet/dry cycle, retains elastic character and swelling performance
Typical Applications
  • Construction joints
  • Pipe penetrations (concrete, PVC, etc.)
  • Waterproofing of joints between pre-cast concrete elements (e.g. inspection manholes, box culverts, sewer systems etc.)
  • Waterproofing of H-beam penetration through floor slabs
  • Sealing around conventional PVC waterstop providing a belt seal prior to concrete pour
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