TamShot 90AF – High performance sprayed concrete set accelerator

TamShot 90AF is commonly used for wet mix sprayed concrete processes in the tunnelling and mining industry. The product is applied where initial ground support is needed or where a permanent lining has been designed (single shell tunnel lining).

TamShot 90AF is a high-performance quick-setting liquid set accelrators for sprayed concrete applications.

TamShot 90AF may also be used to accelerate cementitious based grouts for TBM tunnel lining backfilling and ground stabilization works.

By adjusting the dosage, setting times and rebound can be reduced providing a safe and efficient work environment.

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Key Benefits
  • Fast setting times and continued high early age strength gain allows for spraying in thicker layers.
  • High final compressive strength development after 28 days and excellent long-term durability.
  • Assured performance also at low temperatures and onto wet substrate conditions.
  • Very low dust production during application ensures a safer working environment.
Typical Applications

TamShot 90AF reacts with all commonly used ordinary Portland cements and blended cements, and therefore can be used to accelerate all cement based grouts and concrete types where fast setting is required.

Typically, TamShot 90AF is used in the civil and underground construction industry for applications such as:

  • Sprayed concrete ground support in tunnels and mines
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Accelerated cementitious injection grout
  • Segment lining backfill grout
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