TamSil 290 – Silane-siloxane sealer for concrete, bricks and stone

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TamSil 290 is a water based, silane-siloxane system which penetrates deeply into porous substrates to allow for a bonded hydrophobic lining to the pores. This treatment significantly reduces absorption of water and waterborne salts but still allows the passage of water vapour. The solution does not produce any discoloration of the substrate and has excellent resistance to weathering.

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Key Benefits
  • Water based system
  • Provides an invisible water repellent surface.
  • Green product, VOC free.
  • Allows the surface 100% transpiration
  • Maintains the texture and colour of the treated surface
  • Reduces efflorescence and surface salts
  • Reduces cleaning costs
  • Acts as a damp-proof course
Typical Applications
  • External waterproofing of concrete, concrete blocks, brickwork and stone.
  • Treatment of rising and salt damp
  • Reduction of sand stone decay due to attack by salts and low pH precipitation
  • Prevention of moss growth & dirt retention on pavers, walls and roofs.
  • Elimination of white salt spotting on brickwork
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