Chemicals and Rock Reinforcement

Sprayed concrete chemicals including superplasticisers, alkali-free accelerators, hydration control admixtures, shotcrete additives, air entraining admixtures, gunite materials, fibres, pump line primer and protective agents and cleaners.

Normet offers the D-Bolt® (energy absorbing rock bolting system), self drilling anchors (SDA) in standard sizes and a Self Drilling Dynamic Bolt®.

Normet offers a range of grouts for the securing of bolts and cables. Our grouts are used in mining, tunneling and other where high performance is essential.

For rock support in tunnels and mines, slope stabilisation and soil stabilisation in poor ground conditions

Full range of single / dual component / foaming / gel resins. Suitable over full construction cycle. Use when water to be controlled or permanently resolved.

Full range of resins suitable for rock / concrete consolidation, soil stabilisation, underpinning, void filling, slab jacking and rock bolting applications.

Modern tunnelling - and especially TBM tunnelling - is unthinkable without chemistry. Like in our daily lives, many things used quite naturally are based on modern chemistry: visible success - invisible contribution.

Including integral treatments, construction & movement joint systems, surface-applied penetrative treatments, liquid-applied coatings and membranes, sheet membranes and water plugging.

Normets high performing range of admixtures including Water reducing admixtures, superplasticizers, accelerating admixtures, enhancing admixtures set retarding admixtures and fibres.

Normet offers a range of epoxy coatings, epoxy resin injection & grouts, cement mortars, grouts and bonding agents specially formulated to repair damaged concrete whatever the surface, its location and its usage.

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