Concrete Joint Waterproofing

Normet specialises in the treatment and waterproofing of concrete joints. Its re-injectable tube system delivers water-stopping grouts and gels to critical locations beneath concrete surfaces, while its hydrophilic waterstops and joint treatments can provide the basis for multiple solutions.

Waterproof injection grouting tubing - failed construction joints in concrete are extremely costly to repair, often with less than perfect results. Success or failure at these locations does not have to be left to chance. By 'designing in' a re-injectable tube system, the entire area beneath a joint can be treated effectively at a future time (if necessary) - without the need for disruptive drilling.

Normet's waterproof injection grouts have been developed to support a wide range of characteristics and 'swellability' to meet the requirements of all types of concrete structures, including exposure to fresh water or seawater. Pre-formed and gun-applied formulations are available, as well as a fully integrated hybrid product combining the traditional benefits of PVC with the latest innovations in hydrophilic technology. Very considerable hydrostatic pressures can be withstood.

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