Superplasticisers, also know as high range water reducers, are synthetic polymers that reduce water content by causing cement particles to repel each other so fluidity is improved while requiring less water. Normet provides superplasticisers based on sulphonated polymers or polycarboxylate ether polymers which are formulated to deliver specific property changes to comply with different regional standards so you can select the superplasticiser optimised for your specific project and country. All our superplasticizer products are chloride free except TamCem 60NH.

High Range Water Reducing, Superplasticising Admixture for India

Non-chloride Superplasticiser for Microfine Cement Injection

High Water Reduction Superplasticising Concrete Admixture

Superplasticising Concrete Admixture (Polycarboxylate Co-polymer Technology)

High Water Reduction Superplasticising Concrete Admixture

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